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Subject: re: [9fans] Plan9 installation problem

From: "Russ Cox" <rsc@[REDACTED]>
Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 10:33:54 -0400

> Protected-mode bootstrap
> hd0: LBA 8248472 sectors, -71237632 bytes
> .bad magic 0xeb29904f not a Plan9 executable!
> Boot devices: hd!0 h!0

More disturbing is the fact that fd!0 is not on your boot
devices line. Can you try booting into DOS and then type

A:\>b fd!0!9dos

and see what happens.

If it asks "root is from" tell it "fd!0".

Assuming you haven't installed Plan9 onto your hard disk
yet (you're only on disk 1!)'s lack of understanding
about 4GB disks shouldn't matter.