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Subject: [9fans] Adaptec 274x, 3Com 3c900 "boomerang", Matrox Millenium

From: elliott <Elliott.Hughes@[REDACTED]>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 16:33:00 +0100

Having read the documents, skimmed through the manuals and finally
having found a disc that I can install Plan 9 on, I'm getting this
sinking feeling that none of my hardware is supported. The Plan 9 FAQ
reckons that there's no Adaptec 274x driver, forsyth says he has a
driver for the 3c900 (is this in pcdist?) and I've seen no mention of
the Matrox Millenium (but VGA will do fine in the beginning).

I'm unable to log in to the Plan 9 FTP site, and can't remember ever
having successfully logged in there. Downloading from the web site seems
to work, if a little slowly.

Anyway, how do you rate my chances of running acme in the near future?

Elliott Hughes - GeneData AG, Postfach 254, CH-4016 Basel, Switzerland