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Subject: [9fans] A patch for ftp.c

From: Kenji Arisawa <arisawa@[REDACTED]>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 97 13:26:53 +0900

Hello! 9fans

This is a patch to /sys/src/cmd/service/ftp.c
Although a patch on announcement is already ex st,
there is another bug in ftp.c.

Using Plan9 ftp server
ls -l
does not list in long format.
Change the source to work it:
term% diff ftp.c.orig ftp.c
< sprint(buf, "tcp!%d", port);
> sprint(buf, "tcp!*!%d", port);
< if(Cflag)
< lflag = 0;
> if(lflag)
> Cflag = 0;

Kenji Arisawa

By the way:
How can we put subject field when we use mail command on plan9?