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Subject: PGP on plan9 yet ?

From: Charles Smith <chas@[REDACTED]>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 23:02:24 +1100

Has anyone done a port of PGP to plan9 yet? If not then I'm willing. If
its already ported then where can I find the international version ?

Anyone else interested in the outcome ?

If it aint been done yet I will be using the international version of the
code NOT using the RSAREF lib, sorry you American Types but one can't play
with explosives, one might get ones fingers burned or worse still ones arse
sued off!!

Regards Charles Smith.

PS Just finished building my Plan9 network with 2 Sparc SLC's and one
133MHz 486 file server. About time I tried to contribute something back
(thanks for the effort for a great OS from you all at bell and other
places) Its soooo good to have a breath of fresh air in the OS world.

BTW has anyone talked to Storage Tek about doing a 9fs file server
interface/driver to their silo's, it would make a GREAT interface to one of
those beasts and the flexibility it would offer to access similar to your
WORM drive systems backup strategy would be pretty cool.

Charles Smith