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Lenovo Thinkpad X301

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The Lenovo ThinkPad x301 is an ultraportable notebook computer built on the Intel Centrino 2 platform. Configured with an ultra-low-voltage Core 2 Duo SU9400 or SU9600 processor, 1440×900 LED backlight display, optical drive, integrated camera and multiple wireless options, the ThinkPad x301 provides an excellent balance of mobility, performance and connectivity.

The resources assembled here are intended to help owners get the most out of their ThinkPad x301. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to suggest any additions or changes.



WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION on the ThinkPad x301

  1. Download a Windows 10 Disk Image (ISO file)
  2. Create a bootable USB from this ISO using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool
  3. Press F12 at startup and select the USB as your boot drive
  4. In Windows setup:
    • Select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)”
    • Delete any partitions on your target drive
    • Select the unallocated space as the location to install Windows
  5. The system will automatically restart during the installation process
  6. Complete the Windows guided setup and the system will proceed to the desktop
  7. Wait a few minutes for Windows to finish installing various drivers and updates. You can monitor the progress by going to Start Menu > Settings > Update & Security
  8. The keyboard and touchpad may become unresponsive during driver updates. If this occurs, attach an external USB keyboard and/or mouse until the next restart.
  9. Install and run ThinkVantage System Update to search for the latest Lenovo drivers and utilities
  10. Adjust UltraNav settings as desired in Start Menu > Settings > Devices > Mouse & touchpad > Additional mouse options


  • Three batteries are available for the ThinkPad x301:
  • Reset the battery gauge by launching Power Manager (click the battery icon), select Advanced > Battery > Battery maintenance > Perform Reset
    • To perform the reset if Power Manager is not installed: fully charge the battery, unplug the AC adapter and let the battery completely discharge, then fully recharge the battery
  • To improve battery life on the x301:
    • Update the BIOS to the most recent version
    • Reduce display brightness and set the display to dim and turn off as soon as possible in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options
    • Deactivate in the BIOS any ports that you don’t use, especially USB
    • Unplug unneeded USB devices
    • Remove unneeded optical media
    • Use a plain black desktop wallpaper
    • Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when not needed
    • Turn off visual effects in Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Advanced
    • Set computer to hibernate instead of sleep in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > System Settings
    • See Windows 7/8/10 Adjustments below
      source 1 | source 2


  • Primary drive bay accommodates standard 1.8-inch (uSATA) hard drives
  • Install a Solid State Drive (SSD) with a SATA-II or faster interface for significantly better overall system performance than with a traditional spinning hard drive
  • An mSATA SSD can be installed in the primary drive bay by using an mSATA to 1.8-inch adapter
  • A standard 2.5-inch x 7mm drive can be installed in the optical bay by using an optical bay caddy
    • Note that the optical bay interface is Legacy IDE (PATA) with a maximum speed of 133 MB/s while the primary drive bay operates at 300 MB/s (SATA-II)
    • There can be problems booting from a drive installed in an optical bay caddy. A discussion of this issue is here


  • Four versions of the Intel 5xxx WiFi link were originally available in the x301: 5100, 5150, 5300 and 5350
  • The Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (FRU 60Y3233) can be installed to enable up to 450 Mbps data rates on 802.11n connections, Intel Wireless Display and improved power management
  • The Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Plus Bluetooth (FRU 04W3814) can be installed to enable up to 867 Mbps data rates on 802.11ac connections (300 Mbps maximum on 802.11n connections)
  • The whitelist-removed BIOS will likely be necessary to install either of these newer cards
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  • The ThinkPad x301 includes Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (BDC-2) (FRU 43Y6481)
  • Bluetooth can be upgraded to Bluetooth 4.0 by simply swapping out the daughter card located under the palm rest
  • Lenovo Bluetooth 4.0 daughter cards:


  • Two palm rest assemblies with different touchpads were used in the ThinkPad x301:
    • FRU 44C4872 palm rest included an Alps touchpad that does not support any multitouch functions
    • FRU 45N5570 palm rest included a Synaptics touchpad that does support multitouch functions
  • Both palm rests contain the fingerprint reader and either can be installed on any ThinkPad x301




  • The maximum CPU clock speed may be limited when the system is operated on the 65W AC adapter and no battery is installed
  • To prevent automatic CPU throttling, leave the battery in place while running on AC power or use a 90W AC adapter