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In addition to the below, I have various Thinkpads (X40, X61t, T43 (SXGA+), T61 (SXGA+), x200s, A22p (1600x1200), X301) which are in various conditions. Let me know if you're interested in any of these.

IBM Model M13$200Missing spring in right Ctrl key.
Dolch keyboard$50blue Cherry switches, RJ11 terminated
IBM Model M Spacesaver$250Model 1397681
IBM Model M Spacesaver$200Crack in case corner. Model 1391472
IBM Model M$200US-made, model 1390131
IBM RT3200$75PS/2 connections.
IBM RT3200$75PS/2 connections.
IBM SK-8835$100
IBM SK-8845$50
IBM SK-8845CR$50no touchpad, only trackpoint
TEX Yoda$200NOT the Yoda 2. Original spare keycaps included.
Keychron K4$50RBG lights, blue optical switchs, includes wrist rest and spare keycaps
CH DT225$75PS/2 model. Untested
Infogrip trackball$100Includes guard
CH Trackball PRO$150PS/2 model, confusing in the original IBM Bus packaging with driver disk and manual.

Model Ms include the PS/2 cable. All prices based about 20% under recent eBay sold-item listings. Shipping costs not included. Pitch me a compelling story and I'll cut deals. No trades unless you have a bicycle touring frame with disc brake tabs and a stack above 650mm. If you want pictures of a given object, let me know. Otherwise they're mostly here: