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The only font you'll ever need.

You're welcome, world.

TrueType version

Click here to download a TTF file.

This is a pixel-accurate scan of Dmitry Yu. Bolkhovityanov's UNI-VGA font, in TrueType. Only populated glyphs are encoded, so fallback to other fonts for absent glyphs should work. Ascenders should be properly mapped. The width should be accurate at any arbitrary size. Please report problems.

On most linux or unix variants, unpacking this to $HOME/.fonts/ and running fc-cache -fv should be enough, though you might need to restart certain applications.

X Window System BDF format

Click here to download a BDF file.

Because truetype is trash, I've also made a 2x-scale BDF of UNI-VGA. To activate it, put it in e.g. $HOME/.fonts/, then run

mkfontscale $HOME/.fonts/ 
mkfontdir $HOME/.fonts/
xset +fp $HOME/.fonts/ 
xset fp rehash

You should then be able to run e.g. xfontsel and see it in the Bolkhov family. Once you get it working to your satisfaction, but that chain of commands into your .xsession and/or .xinitrc file.

What? You want a sample image?

Plan 9 HiDPI (2x scaled) version

Click here to download a TGZ file.

Prepared for your enjoyment by sam-d! Unpack this under /lib/font/bit/ and set font=/lib/font/bit/hugevga/unicode.font in your profile.

Postscript and troff support

Also available: troff and postscript versions from umbraticus!

9front instructions:

linux/unix instructions:

Success looks like this!

webshit support

There is no God!
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<p style='font-family: VGA'>This will be in the VGA font!</p>