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HPL_pdgesvK2 HPL 2.2 Library Functions February 24, 2016


HPL_pdgesvK2 Factor an N x N+1 matrix.


#include "hpl.h"

void HPL_pdgesvK2( HPL_T_grid * GRID, HPL_T_palg * ALGO, HPL_T_pmat * A );


HPL_pdgesvK2 factors a N+1-by-N matrix using LU factorization with row partial pivoting. The main algorithm is the "right looking" variant with look-ahead. The lower triangular factor is left unpivoted and the pivots are not returned. The right hand side is the N+1 column of the coefficient matrix.


GRID    (local input)                 HPL_T_grid *
        On entry,  GRID  points  to the data structure containing the
        process grid information.
ALGO    (global input)                HPL_T_palg *
        On entry,  ALGO  points to  the data structure containing the
        algorithmic parameters.
A       (local input/output)          HPL_T_pmat *
        On entry, A points to the data structure containing the local
        array information.

See Also

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