Scientific Operations

HPL_copyL HPL 2.2 Library Functions February 24, 2016


HPL_copyL Copy the current panel into a contiguous workspace.


#include "hpl.h"

void HPL_copyL( HPL_T_panel * PANEL );


HPL_copyL copies the panel of columns, the L1 replicated submatrix, the pivot array and the info scalar into a contiguous workspace for later broadcast. The copy of this panel into a contiguous buffer can be enforced by specifying -DHPL_COPY_L in the architecture specific Makefile.


PANEL   (input/output)                HPL_T_panel *
        On entry,  PANEL  points to the  current panel data structure
        being broadcast.

See Also

HPL_binit, HPL_bcast, HPL_bwait.