Mercurial repositories.

2wm  ↓gz ↓bz2

A window manager.

by khm, last changed 2017-09-10

irssi-plain  ↓gz ↓bz2

Low-bullshit irssi theme.

by khm, last changed 2017-05-24

jerq-sam  ↓gz ↓bz2

source for sam for the jerq.

by khm, last changed 2017-10-15

plan9front  ↓gz ↓bz2

A fork of Bell Labs's apparently-unmaintained mediumalist operating system.

by cat-v, last changed 2017-02-10

werc  ↓gz ↓bz2

A sane web anti-framework whose homepage is

by werc maintainers, last changed 2017-02-02